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Passion and Compassion: MyStyleRules

MyStyleRules founder is driven by her passion and compassion

A curious theme emerges when conversing with MyStyleRules founder, Suzette Paré.  Her passion for her art and compassion for her clients comes through.  A recent chat with her reveals the “Why” that makes her work such a joy for her and her clients.

Passion and compassion

Harrell’s Department Store:  Your background is in theatrical costume design.  How did you transition to My Style Rules from that career?

SP:  During my years as a costume designer, I worked with almost every historical period that you can imagine, including future and fantasy.  I discovered that every female body type didn’t necessarily work with every period, so I started ‘cheating’ the period clothing to help an actress fully express her character on stage.

Passion and compassion

During this process, I learned how much we, as women, associate our self-image with our body image.  As actresses discovered how good they felt on stage when wearing clothes that were right for their body type, they joined me on my professional shopping trips so I could teach them how to dress for everyday wear.

With, my goal was to expand this knowledge and understanding to all women, not just women who were on stage or in the public eye.

HDS:  What exactly is MyStyleRules?

SP:  The website, creates a 3D model of your body, takes you to a private dressing room, and lets you virtually try on clothes to show you in 3D exactly what you look like in certain styles.  It’s full of information, both audio and visual, to get you ready to go into any store and know exactly what to look for when shopping for clothes.

My style rules

The Passion

HDS:  What is your passion?  Why?

SP:  I love to help women feel good about themselves!  When I work with a woman and show her how, with a few simple changes to an outfit, she can go from feeling blah, to feeling powerful, proud, and truly beautiful, I get so excited!

Through media, we are led to believe that unless we have the perfect face and body, we are not acceptable, let alone attractive.   We all just want to feel good about ourselves.  I am so blessed and honored that I get to help women appreciate their inner wisdom and beauty by discovering that their body is truly a temple worth showing off.

The Compassion

HDS:  Why is it important to know our body type?  How does it help choose clothing that accentuates our assets?

SP:  When you learn which basic garments work for you, based on your curves, height, weight, and personal style, you can go to your closet any day of the week and know that you are choosing outfits that support your well-being.  And you feel pretty!  It’s also much less expensive and less time consuming to shop only for pieces that you know work for you.

My Style rules

HDS:  How does personal style work with the “rules”?  Do you also give personal style advice?

SP:  Personal style is the fun part of fashion.  It sets us apart from everyone else, makes a statement as to who we are, and helps us express ourselves in a way that nothing else does.

I certainly take a client’s personal style preferences into account when doing a consultation.  This is the fun part where you add color, jewelry, funky shoes…anything you want. Once you know your body type, and get basic garments that fit you well, adding your personal style is like icing on a beautifully baked cake.

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HDS:  Any other words of advice?

SP:  Never sacrifice your personal style for trends!  Be the glorious you that only YOU can be!

You can find your body type in my book on the subject here:



My style rules
My Style rules
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